Backstage News on WWE Changing Wrestlers Who Were Miscast

Since Vince McMahon left his position as WWE Chairman and Triple H assumed control of the creative team, WWE has undergone significant changes.

Prior to his departure, McMahon shared final decision-making authority with Bruce Prichard over NXT creative, with Shawn Michaels managing day-to-day operations. The final decision now rests with Triple H.

Despite being a natural babyface, Katana Chance, previously Kacy Catanzaro, was booked by WWE as a heel alongside Kayden Carter once they became a team.

The new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions were decided in a fatal four-way tag team elimination match on Tuesday’s NXT, which Chance and Carter won.

Chance and Carter delivered a heel promo prior to the match. However, they did a babyface promo after winning the titles. This happened shortly after Triple H changed Becky Lynch’s character from heel to babyface.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that more “miscast” talents are now being changed.

“A lot of people who were miscast, and in this case, let’s face it, Kacy Catanzaro, she should not be cast as a heel. She is a babyface. They were getting ready to miscast her, and now they’re casting her where she should be, just like Becky Lynch.”

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