Backstage News On WWE Developmental Coaches Reportedly Frustrated

Some new details about trainees and developmental talent being able to resume their training again are available.

As previously reported, WWE’s developmental talents have not been able to train since the start of the pandemic.

Regular classes with WWE developmental talents are set to resume in Orlando, Florida on Monday, August 10. The classes resuming next week will not be held at the Performance Center, but at a warehouse near the Performance Center, which will be set up with a few rings. On July 31, wrestlers were beginning to be informed by coaches about the new warehouse facility to conduct their training.

Coaches were reportedly frustrated that the trainees were still being paid in full when they weren’t training, along with some of the students opting out of the audience tapings.

WWE has already apparently resumed taping studios and Skull Sessions. Skull Sessions are when wrestlers watch someone’s most current matches, and everyone provides their feedback. Additionally, Ryan Katz is said to have overseen a “Promolympics,” where the talents submit their own promos and pitches.

(Source: The Wrestling Observer and Fightful Select)