Backstage News On WWE Producer Jamie Noble Having CoronaVirus

Some members of the WWE roster were concerned when Jamie Noble confirmed his CoronaVirus diagnosis last month.

As reported before, Noble posted on his private Instagram account on 6/26 that he had the CoronaVirus. This caused some concern in WWE because Noble is very hands on when producing matches.

This was a part of the recent COVID-19 outbreak within WWE, which also included producer Adam Pearce, Kayla Braxton, Renee Young, and others.

He is also one of the producers that is said to be very hands-on when producing matches and is physically repositioning people for different segments, which other producers also do.

Noble does not have heat because of the situation but it was described as a “wish we knew” kind of situation. Noble is seen as one of the best producers in WWE by many.

Credit: Fightful Select