Backstage News On WWE’s Plans For The Miz, Producers For RAW

– Coming off this week’s RAW, it appears that The Miz will be getting a renewed push. Here is what Dave Meltzer of noted about the situation:

“He was supposed to be one of the main guys, like main babyfaces on RAW right near the top and then they just kept using him to get other people over and then all of a sudden he’s not over at that level. So, now they’re trying to whatever it is erase it or just get him going and they need to do it by saying, ‘OK, yeah he wasn’t serious enough — now we’ve got a new guy and now he’s serious, so.’ This is step one on that.” published a production sheet that apparently leaked from this week’s RAW. Here is what was noted about the Producers:

Chris Parks aka Abyss produced The Viking Raiders match.

Shane Helms produced The Club vs. The Lucha House Party.

Tyson Kidd and Michael Hayes produced the All-Star Battle Royal.

Dave “Fit” Finlay produced the women’s match.

Jason Jordan produced the 2 out of 3 Falls Six-Man Tag Team Match.