Backstage News on WWE’s White Rabbit Campaign, Expected Reveal and Bray Wyatt

Within WWE, there is a general consensus that the most recent White Rabbit teases have been a huge success.

There’s a feeling backstage that the campaign has been a major success, and that it has created even more buzz than was intended, according to a new report by Fightful Select. This is despite the fact that not everyone was convinced by the QR code aspect of the teasers.

The WWE creative team has, for the most part, stayed out of the White Rabbit portions, and as a result, almost no one is aware of the specifics of what is going on. WWE executives are well aware of the plans and how things will unfold in the future.

It has been brought to everyone’s attention that there is a widespread belief that the White Rabbit revelation will take place during the WWE Extreme Rules event that will take place on October 8 in Philadelphia. Although there has been no official confirmation as of yet as to whether or not the persona behind the reveal will actually be present at Extreme Rules, there is a widespread consensus among fans that these teasers are for the return of Bray Wyatt.