Backstage News Regarding The Upcoming WWE Draft

It appears that WWE already has figured out plans for this year’s WWE Draft and the idea is that the FOX/USA Network executives will be making the picks. Dave Meltzer of discussed the Draft:

“The whole draft, now I mean, of course, this could change, but the whole draft is already done. So it’s like they actually got their battle plan. I have no idea what it is and no one’s going to until the day of and they’re not going to tell the talent.”

“So they’re gonna have reps from — it’s gonna be people who will be picking like a football draft. It’s not gonna be done like it’s done before. It’s gonna be a rep or reps from USA and a rep or reps from Fox that will be doing the picking as opposed to authority figures from WWE.”

“They don’t want authority figures right now so that’s how it’s gonna be.”