Backstage Update On Batista’s WWE Future, Why He’s About To Get More Money From Marvel

Regarding Batista’s status, Marvel Studios are currently restructuring his contract that will likely see him get more money due to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy. This will also lock Batista in for a number of other Marvel movies. Batista is slated for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as well as the 3rd Avengers movie, where he will have a significant role. That movie will be a few years down the road as the 2nd Avengers movie isn’t scheduled to be released until May 2015.

Batista’s people in Hollywood reportedly do not want him involved in pro wrestling. They feel that he didn’t get what he was promised and feel that WWE dropped the ball by not letting him use some of his own ideas to get himself over. Batista has expressed some of these same frustrations but it’s said that he does want to return. The two sides are in talks but WWE will be coming second to his movie career.

Batista is said to have other movie offers coming in and he reportedly received a substantial deal to star in the Kickboxer remake with UFC star Georges St. Pierre.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Necro

    He had his own ideas to get over? I’m kind of curious to see what those could be considering almost no one wanted him back and he didn’t need to be back.

    • Prince Pretty

      He put the iwc golden boy Bryan over and The Shield over.

      • Necro

        But this says Batista had plans to get HIMSELF over….which is what interested me the most.

        • Prince Pretty

          He said he didn’t mind putting over Bryan. He had no problem with it.

          • Necro

            You’re not getting the point….he said he wants to come back..with HIS OWN IDEAS to get himself over, not anyone else….I don’t care what he did, it’s about what he’s going to do when he comes back.

          • Matt Hollands

            Oh I get what you mean Nerco. Well from what he said on Talk is Jericho, he’d like to come back and do a “retirement match” against Triple H at Wrestlemania.

    • jrock2310

      just because u don’t like him, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a place in the company. same goes for john cena. everyone boo’s him, but he def plays a big role for the company.

      • Necro

        I personally am a fan of Batista for your information. But even I know, that he wasn’t wanted much, AND all he did here was put other guys over instead of himself…

        • Matt Hollands

          I wouldn’t say he wasn’t wanted. People were actually excited to see him back (as was I). The problem with his entire return was it was during the Daniel Bryan rise. No one cared about anyone else and just wanted to see Bryan win the title and stick it to the authority. Everyone was expecting Bryan to win the rumble as well. Then they screwed it all up by A) announcing Batista ahead of time instead of letting him be a surprise entrant and B) having Batista win it. When he won it, that sealed the deal for the fans. They HATED Batista for taking Bryan’s hard earned spot. Batista actually said on Talk Is Jericho that he kept telling them it was a bad idea because of how hot Bryan was at the time but they swore it would be fine.

      • JohnCenaDropkick

        They both play shit roles! Dean ambrose, bray wyatt, good roles

        • jrock2310

          again, maybe u don’t like them, but cena is still #1 merch seller in the company and its not even close…and that w/ all the boo’s.

          and batista was just a victim of bad timing. WWE screwed up his entire return. they probably should have never brought him back knowing he would only be around for a couple of months to begin with. granted, they didn’t know how well the movie would do, but intuition and smart business would tell u to wait and see how the movie does first. after all, it was a marvel movie. good or bad, people will still go see that drivel. so by sheer numbers, WWE had to think it would do well enough that he would get other offers.

    • Jason

      No ideas go over, his reflexes are too fast

  • Prince Pretty

    Good for Batista. He knows the business. Wish him the best if he doesn’t return.

  • Joe & sometimes Jose

    Good for the guy :) . WWE sometimes thinks that just because they have some good ideas that all of them are good for business . They should let some of the wrestlers throw around some of their ideas, they’re the ones putting their bodies on the line for years and years .

  • TimPhillips

    Batista is going to be in an Avengers movie.

    …man…if I was 15…

    fuck it, I’m stoked about this.

    • Geronimo Jerry Cantu

      He’s gonna have to be in it, cuz his character plays a huge part against Thanos! Juz look up the comics!

  • why2jay

    Good on him.

  • RReigns121314

    Even though this sounds good for him personally, I still would like to see him back and challenge Lesnar. We still haven’t witness that rivalry yet.

  • naruto uzumaki

    Yep, of couse he will be in Avengers 3 ’cause we all know it’s Drax who winds up killing Thanos in the end.

    • Paul Bruffell

      nah probably gamora will do it also a good choice as Whedon is a a suck up to feminists