Backstage Update On Expected WWE Releases Coming Soon

When Vince McMahon came back to look into selling WWE, stars and staff were concerned about mass releases.

Fear increased even more after WWE agreed to be bought by The Endeavor Group with the plan for WWE and UFC to merge to form a new publicly traded company, especially among employees.

There will be some layoffs of employees because Endeavor already has personnel in place in certain departments who are capable of handling duties at specific WWE departments, as Endeavor COO Mark Shapiro noted after the announcement of the deal was made.

WWE CEO Nick Khan recently provided some information about the anticipated cuts by providing a rough estimate and stating that they believe “50 (million) is a really conservative number.” He also noted that they would be aggressive cuts.

There have recently been rumors circulating that the cuts may take place in July.

While the names are uncertain, WWE insider BoozerRasslin revealed that it was “subject to happen” as “part of an annual review.” The insider added, “Some few cuts here and there.”