Backstage Update On Kazuchika Okada Signing With AEW

According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada’s decision to sign with AEW was heavily influenced by his desire to want to work with The Elite and even though he initially had the goal of wanting to work in WWE and compete at WrestleMania. Okada believed that his path to success would happen in All Elite Wrestling.

Barrasso also said that sources from NJPW and AEW have told him Okada believes AEW will provide him the ideal platform for his ambitions, with the added factor that he would not have to relocate his family to the US. The biggest deciding factor for Okada was his chance to work with the Young Bucks, who he grew close to in TNA and NJPW.

Barrasso also noted that Okada has a lot of trust in AEW President Tony Khan, who brokered a multi-million dollar deal for The Rainmaker that lasted several years.

Khan was also the person who pitched for Okada to turn heel when he aligned with the Young Bucks on Dynamite.