Backstage Update On MLW Take-Over Storyline With The CONTRA-Unit

As many of you saw on this past week’s edition of MLW Fusion, there was a cliffhanger ending where the CONTRA-Unit threatened to take-over the company. According to a report from Pwinsider, the storyline will be used as an explanation as to why there won’t be any new footage airing in the coming weeks. MLW owner Court Bauer will not be filming any new footage in empty arenas.

The CONTRA-Unit angle was shot in several locations. Bauer oversaw the content being filmed virtually from New York. The angle allows the company to remain in the confines of their story and further push the takeover storyline even though the promotion won’t be producing any new shows.

MLW officials have already mapped out over over 60 future episodes of TV. That includes the MLW Anthology series that will begin airing this Saturday at 10PM ET on BeIN Sport. The company also has a strategy for the next 18 months of programming.