!BANG! TV Report; Interviews For Next !BANG! TV, Mickie James

PWMania.com correspondent Dory Funk Jr. sent the following:

!BANG! TV Report – Wrestling Interviews for Next !BANG! TV Taping plus 3 Mickie James Recent Appearances
Now on !BANG! TV Wrestling Interviews for the next !BANG! TV taping Support Your Troops 57, Morbid Power 1 coming to the Funking Conservatory Sound Stage Saturday October 9..
Dory Funk Jr. tells why Funk, Johnny Magnum and Jose Salinas will have success against his trainees, Jordan Vinson, Fushicho Masuku and Shane Chung.
Claudia “The Claw” Reiff expresses her feelings about competing with Awesome Kong plus a special feature on Awesome Kong.
Watch the team of “Heartless”, Mad-Dog Madezke “Blows his cool” when speaking about his and Luke Spencer’s opponents Jordan Vinson and Leo Christiani plus much more excitement as Jose Salinas speaks to his Equadorian Wrestling Fans in his native language and is mocked by Jordan Vinson.
Also Appearing Fushicho Masuku (Immortal Mask) Rachel “The Wasilla Wrecker” Moore, D Soul.
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Also now on !BANG! TV 3 of the most recent appearances of Country and Western Singing Star / Professional Wrestler Mickie James Singing her new album title song Strangers and Angels, The National Anthem on !BANG! TV, Wrestling on !BANG! and in the corner of her coach Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum and Jose Salinas.
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