Becky Lynch Addresses Women’s Tag Team Titles Speculation

In an interview with The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast, Becky Lynch was asked about possible women’s tag team titles in WWE and if the female talents have discussed it. Here is what Lynch said:

“Oh yes, absolutely. I am constantly thinking about it and brainstorming and pitching for it. Even if I am involved or not, I just think that it would be a wonderful step in the women’s progression. When I say involved in it, I mean I’m going after the women’s championship right now and that is where I want to be, but in the future I would love to see it.”

“We have all these women in the Mae Young Classic and have so many girls.We still have a shallow side, not shallow,as in there are a few women on either side of Raw and SmackDown. What do we have have like eight to ten on either side? So that is kind of tricky to do a tag title and women’s title, but if we can combine and we’re able to go through all these different things and it connects, I don’t know if that’s going to be possible.”

Lynch added that she wouldn’t mind teaming up with Charlotte and forming a team called “Tea-Generation X.”