Becky Lynch and WWE Legend React To Ric Flair – The Man

Reporter Marc Raimondi noted the following about Ric Flair’s attempt to trademark “The Man” moniker:

WWE legend “Superstar” Billy Graham also commented on Facebook about Flair’s attempt to trademark the name:

Well fans, as most all of you must know by now, “The Man” ahhhhh, he thinks he is still the man, has stated that he is going to or has filed a civil lawsuit against the WWE for allowing the real man in all of this to say that she is in fact “The Man.” Can anyone help me out on this confusion ? Here is my take and I would love to hear your take on this Becky Lynch being called ” The Man ” as opposed to Mr. Flair claiming he has the phrase, ” To be the Man, You must beat the Man ” copyrighted.

Now what he claims he has copyrighted and what Miss Lynch has printed on her T-shirt are 2 different things. I think it is all rather petty of Ric Flair honestly. It is kind of like me suing the WWE for allowing Hulk Hogan to say the word ” pythons ” while describing his arms. A word that I originally thought of that Hogan stole from me directly. But that was in another era and it never entered my mine to sue the WWE because Hogan was using in his promos my original term to describe my arms.

The only question I have for Ric is how much money does he want to lose while losing to Vince in a court of law? Also, Ric must be aware how Vince would destroy Charlotte’s career just to drive Ric insane. Yes, Vince is that evil and couldn’t care less about the future of Charlotte’s career to get vengeance on Ric. Poor Ric, I read a quote from him a few days back, saying “I guess the WWE has lost respect for me.” This statement came after he had a discussion with HHH and H said, “Sorry dude, but i just can’t help you”. Ric, did you ever really think that Vince ever had real respect for you? Actually the answer is yes, because you have always been a mark for yourself and for this disgusting business in which there has never been and never will be any loyalty to any wrestler. A good line from Dylan works here, ” Remember, sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace….but both hands can be full of grease. ”

One more quote I read from Flair that you fans can help me with is this, Flair has recently said he has signed a deal with Adidas to be their sneakers spokesperson. Ric continued that he ” heard that ” Kanye West ” wants to get involved with him on this new gig. Hey Ric, why don’t you call your good friend Charles Barkley and ask him to join your Adidas team as well? Since you can’t jump, Barkley could do the jumping for you.

MR. Ric Flair, announcing that he is going to sue the WWE because Becky Lynch and others are calling her ” The Man ” has created a whirlwind of reactions, mostly all negative.

Pete Marquez said, ” I guess by the comments, evil has proclaimed that any honors, memorials, tributes are are all made obsolete and insignificant by old age and or death ? Ricky Nelson sang, ” If memories are all I have left, I would have rather driven a truck. ” Very good response Pete, but remember, Ric Flair, photo below has done all of this damaged to himself. Flair’s head has been twisted and fed by his own ego, not by us. The man is now 70 years old and the in the photo below one can tell that he is definitely showing his age. 50 years of living on the wild side has caught up to him. His famous catch phrase that he believes in so much, ” To be the Man, you got to beat the Man ” will be etched on his tombstone.

By shouting this news of suing the WWE to the world, he has burned the wrong bridge and possibly may damage his daughter’s career. The only reason I can think of for Vince to give Charlotte a pass is because he doesn’t want her to go to the AEW. Ric Flair is so damn selfish. Let me ask you one question, did Ric Flair ask Buddy Rogers if he could use his ” Nature Boy ” ring name ? Or did Flair just take it ?

As some wise fans have pointed out Stan Stasiak had ” The Man ” letters on his tights, it was on his right leg, not seen in this cool photo of Stan, the Wiz and me below. I wrestled the man for the WWWF Belt several times, was a great guy. I believe that with this statement, Flair may have some brain damage because NO man or woman in their right mind at age 70 would attempt to sue Vince.

To those of you like Mike Sealy, who said, ” I think Ric has found a way to get a settlement out of a lawsuit with Vince and put some money in his pocket ” well dude, it is quite obvious that you do not know Vince McMahon like me and certain others know Vince. Vince would rather spend 100 million fighting than settle with Flair for 1 million. Vince is brutally ruthless when it comes to lawsuits and Flair would go broke paying his lawyers in a losing cause.

Then we have the confused Doug Mac Ray who said, ” This is complete B S ” If you want to be the man you have to beat the Man ” Ric has been saying that for years ( try decades dude ) Also Becky calling herself a man is even more ridiculous. ” Hey partner, you do realize Becky is not calling herself a man…but rather ” The Man ” Why do I have to spend my time with punks like you? I personally like the gimmick. It is quite obvious that Becky Lynch is a very attractive young lady with that red hair waving down, that cute Irish accent, very feminine and is OVER. The fans love her and “The Man ” will be around a lot longer than you. As I am very pissed at having to deal with smart marks who sound like they are in the 3rd grade. You Doug Mac Ray are blocked. Enjoy your time on Mars where it ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids, anyway it’s cold as Hell if you did, adios jerk. Superstar Billy Graham