Becky Lynch Responds to Former WWE Star About Abortion Rights

The 1973 decision Roe v. Wade, which provided federal constitutional safeguards for abortion rights, was overturned by the US Supreme Court on Friday morning. Regarding those who have voiced unhappiness with the choice, former WWE star Jaxson Ryker posted the following on Twitter.

“Many post I’ve seen today are heart breaking. @BeckyLynchWWE being one. That life inside them isn’t just a clump. You as a mother should see how precious life is. Those baby’s in the womb have a right to live. I pray you come to see the bigger picture.”

Lynch issued a response:

“Yes. I chose to be mother. To a daughter. That I could safely deliver and afford to raise. A daughter who deserves autonomy over her own body.

Banning abortions doesn’t stop them. It stops safe ones.

God bless you, your ignorance and lack of uterus.”