Behind The Scenes Details On How AEW Television Shows Are Formatted

During an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective podcast, AEW star QT Marshall talked about his behind the scenes role in the company and how the television shows are formatted:

“Everything is done through text and different group chats and ideas coming from 100 different directions. At the beginning of the week, I get with Tony because I’m the one, with Tony’s oversight, I format the show. Sometimes, I just put ‘[Wrestler A] second’ because I don’t know the full creative. When we go to our production meeting, nine out of ten times, Tony will explain what it is. Sometimes, the way he explains it, it’s not fully understood because he may not want to give so much away. Right now, we do everything on the phone because of the pandemic, we do conference calls and it’s much easier this way. The next day at TV, production may pull me aside and are like, ‘What is this?’ Sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t. If I don’t know, I send appropriate messages and we figure it out. Guys know that if I’m texting, it’s for a specific reason and ten out of ten times it’s to help them. When I first saw Cody formatting a pay-per-view, I was like, ‘This is fun, I want to do this,’ not realizing that every week for TV with commercial breaks and everything. It is fun and Tony oversees it. I’m not perfect and there are times I’ll oversee something and have this segment next to this segment and it’s the same thing. I don’t know the creative and had I known, I wouldn’t have put two brawls next to each other. Things are going to happen and we’re all learning. For someone who has never done it, I think I’m doing alright. A lot of it is common sense and asking questions.”

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