Big Babyface Turn Teased On Monday’s WWE RAW

(Photo Credit: WWE)

A World Heavyweight Championship match concluded Monday night’s episode of WWERAW. Seth Rollins faced Damian Priest from The Judgment Day in his first televised title defense.

It was announced earlier in the show that Priest would fight the match on his own, and despite Finn Balor’s objections, Priest agreed that he could win without The Judgment Day’s assistance.

Balor appeared near the end of the main event and attempted to interfere, but it backfired, and Rollins retained his title with the stomp. The announcers pointed out in the final minute of the match that Priest asked Balor why he showed up at ringside, a possible hint that Priest is turning face and splitting away from The Judgment Day. Priest shook Rollins’ hand after RAW ended, as seen in the photo below, but Balor refused.

If Priest leaves the group, a spot will open up for someone else to join, and WWE already has someone in mind. Click here for the latest on The Judgment Day’s new member.