Big Cass’ New Ring Name Revealed, Sean Waltman Comments On Brian Christopher’s Death

– William Morrissey, formerly known as Big Cass, has been announced as Big Cazz for the Big Time Wrestling event on September 21st. This will be Morrissey’s first post-WWE appearance.

– During his recent podcast, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman opened up about the death of Brian Christopher. Here is a quote courtesy of X-Pac’s team:

I’m really pissed about this, really pissed. Because I’ve been in that situation in more than one way. And you don’t take someone that’s not done something violent or isn’t a danger to others, even then you don’t put somebody in solitary confinement…You don’t put people in solitary confinement for that long that didn’t do shit and then go ‘Oh, it wasn’t solitary confinement,’ it’s f***ing solitary confinement! I’ve been in it, if you’ve never actually been in it I don’t want to hear it from you at all. It’s torture. It drives you crazy, you don’t have to be suicidal, you become suicidal; you stay in there with no one to talk too staring at the walls for that long. I’ve been there and I’ve hung myself and so I know. I have a pretty good idea of where he {Brian Christopher} was and it’s just about the worst place you can ever imagine. Not only are you in the lowest possible place but you die that way. You never come up out of it…. I love that guy {Brian Christopher}, I was tight with Brian in WWE… He was crazy as f*** no doubt, but if you knew him like I did you would know he’s a real wonderful guy.