Big E On Fans Not Being Behind The New Day Early On, Live Events

Big E recently spoke with the State Journal-Register to promote this Sunday’s WWE SmackDown live event in Springfield, IL at the Bank of Springfield Center and to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

When The New Day started, fans weren’t initially buying the upbeat, positive vibe you guys were trying to present. How were you able to turn it around to become the popular team you are today?

“To me, obviously, what swung things was us finally embracing the fact that the crowd didn’t like us. … The first time we really cheated (in a match) was instrumental because instead of trying to go against the grain and be these good guys that people didn’t like or didn’t care for, we finally decided to cheat … and it ended up working out really well for us.

The real impetus for change was really just us being ourselves. Sometimes you’re saddled with an idea or a gimmick that doesn’t feel right. But you have to do your best to make it work. But when the reins were finally taken off and we were allowed to be ourselves and a little more creative control, that’s when things really took off for us.”

Talk about the differences fans will see at a non-televised show like you’re doing in Springfield compared to a televised episode of “SmackDown Live” (7 p.m. Tuesdays, USA Network)

“We as performers, we all love the (non-TV) events. Not saying, we don’t love TV. But TV days are longer for us. You also don’t get that personal interaction with fans (on TV), and that’s something that we love on the live events. It’s a little more of a loose format and you have more time to interact with fans. We get to kind of let the fans dictate a little bit more of where the match goes. … It’s more up close and personal for sure.”