Big E Undergoing Stem Cell Therapy To Assist In Recovery

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Despite having a serious neck injury that might have left him paralyzed, Big E is happy living his life away from the ring.

Big E has previously spoken about his future, as he is still not medically cleared to wrestle after suffering a neck injury on the March 11, 2022, episode of WWE SmackDown while receiving an overhead belly-to-belly suplex at ringside from Ridge Holland. He landed on his neck and fractured the C1 and C6 vertebrae.

Since then, he has worked for WWE in a variety of capacities, including talent scouting, recruiting, and media appearances. Although he can live his daily life and work out without issue, getting into the ring and taking bumps is a different story. In April, Big E tweeted that he might never be medically cleared to wrestle again.

As seen on Instagram, Big E is with MVP in Cancun, Mexico, undergoing stem cell therapy to help with the years of wear and tear on his body, as well as his neck injury. MVP stated that he hopes the treatment will allow him to wrestle in a few more matches.