Big Shakeup With The WWE Writing Staff

Dave Meltzer of is reporting that there was a shakeup with the WWE writing team on Wednesday. The changes were said to have been brewing for some time.

Smackdown writer Ryan Ward is said to be out of the position on a personal leave. A change to Smackdown had been expected due to Vince McMahon rewriting the scripts in recent weeks.

Ed Koskey, the lead writer of RAW who has been with the company for almost 20 years, will be writing for Smackdown and will be working with Eric Bischoff. Jonathan Baeckstrom, who has been the lead writer for 205 Live, will be the new lead writer for RAW and will be working with Paul Heyman.

Meltzer also noted that the writing team changes are being done now prior to the next Superstar Shakeup in early October.