Big Spoiler Update On Huge Superstar Debuting At WWE Survivor Series Tonight

– Unless there’s a last minute change in the script, Sting’s debut at tonight’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view will be an unveiling either before or after the Divas Elimination Tag Team Match.

Sting will not be wrestling tonight. The unveiling is planned as the start of a new storyline for Sting that will see him wrestle for the first time ever in a WWE ring. The belief is that match will be at WrestleMania 31 against The Undertaker.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Antony Alvarez

    A WELL worthly Wrestlemania matchup if the beliefs true…

  • cj

    It’ll be before the diva’s match , which will be before the main event . The diva’s always get a death slot lol . Just a guess tho

  • Dylan Davis

    Well, currently its Ambrose/Wyatt…which is AFTER the Divas Elimination…so…

  • why2jay

    So this story is wrong… sting – HHH will do though…

  • Dime

    He came out at the end. Was worth the wait to see him drop Triple H like he did.

  • RReigns121314

    I was expecting Taker to show up after Sting came out…


    Before or after the Diva’s match? Why not during?