Big Takeaways From WWE RAW (3/27/2023) And SmackDown (3/31/2023)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The go home shows for WWE before WrestleMania 39. Quite promo heavy this week which is fairly normal. Cody and Roman had one final face to face before their massive main event, while Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens laid out their grievances towards The Usos and vice versa. Rey Mysterio also brings back an old faction.

Cody and Roman final confrontation

The final time for Roman and Cody to sell us going into their huge WrestleMania main event. Cody talks about his final push and taking the titles at WrestleMania and before he can finish the story, Roman interrupts. This time Roman doesn’t say too much, outside of telling Cody Rhodes instead of Los Angeles to Acknowledge him. It wasn’t as much as we had gotten previously, but it left with impact two days before their match. With the build complete it is still very difficult to pick who walks out with the titles. I am still leaning towards Cody winning this, but even then it is hard to see WWE taking the titles off Roman when he is only two months away from hitting 1000 days as champion. Either way it goes, there will be a lot of story coming out of WrestleMania.

Final Stand for The Usos?

With the tag team title match less than 24 hours away, The Usos, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have a promo battle before their big match. Sami planted seeds for more possible cracks in The Bloodline moving forward involving Jey. They got in the Usos heads, and it was a great promo segment. I think The Usos reign ends with this match and we get Sami Zayn pinning Jey for the win and we get a great WrestleMania moment with Owens and Zayn winning the WWE tag team titles for the first time in their respective runs with the company. This will also represent the beginning of the downfall of The Bloodline.

Rey and Legado together officially

On Smackdown, Rey Mysterio and Legado del Fantasma were in the back and Rey gave Legado some shirts, they were shirts that had the LWO logo on it, the Latino World Order. Bringing this back is a smart move because it now gives Legado a good platform to get over as babyfaces, with an established brand like the LWO, is hopefully going to make this work. Plus, then it gives the ability to tell a long term story where we eventually get a Rey vs Santos feud many months from now, possibly after SummerSlam, but it could go further than that even, either way it’s something to look forward to.

Austin Theory with an empty arena promo

On RAW, we saw a video of Austin Theory cutting a promo in an empty arena, before the show itself. He did a great job with his intensity and turning it on in front of no crowd is a tricky thing to do but he did it. I think the visual was very strong as it obviously isn’t something we see often, so it grabbed your attention a little more which is what I think they were going for, especially because when John Cena cut his promo a couple of weeks ago, Cena absolutely killed Theory on that show with the promo he cut, so Theory needs to get his heat back, and it is also one of the reasons Theory should definitely win at WrestleMania, not to mention the fact that Cena probably isn’t sticking around after Mania but it’ll be a huge win for Theory.

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