Big Upcoming WWE Match Already Taped, Latest News On WWE Budget Cuts

– The Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles match for the vacant Intercontinental Title was already taped on Tuesday, May 26th, Sean Ross Sapp of is reporting. The match is scheduled to air on the June 12th edition of Smackdown just prior to the Backlash PPV. Sapp noted the following:

“We’re told that the match was ‘unbelievable’ and legitimately pumped up a very tired NXT PC crowd that was there to cheer.”

– WWE is not done with budget cuts due to Covid-19, Mike Johnson of is reporting. Johnson noted the following:

“A number of executives and officials were informed over the last 48 hours that their pay would be reduced going forward due to the company’s ongoing efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on their business.”