Big Update On Sin Cara’s WWE Future: Hunico, Mexican Tour

Tonight on SmackDown, Sin Cara returns to action – but due to the original Sin Cara (Mistico) still being suspended, it will be developmental wrestler Hunico under the mask.

We’ve been reporting in recent weeks that the man who originally portrayed Sin Cara might not be brought back at all – and a new report on Mexican wrestling site Super Luchas indicates that Mistico might in fact be gone from WWE for good.

While there is some belief in WWE that Mistico will be brought back to eventually feud with Hunico, Super Luchas is reporting that Hunico was informed that he will be portraying Sin Cara on WWE’s upcoming tour of Mexico in October.

WWE had major plans for Sin Cara, a beloved hero in Meixco, to headline the upcoming Mexican to – but many are worried that the Mexican fans will see the new Sin Cara as a fraud. Sin Cara was supposed to be one WWE’s showcase talents as the company looks to expand its Mexican business – but that could now be in jeopardy.

People in WWE’s promotional department are still awaiting word from management as to whether Mistico will ever be brought back – and there is some fear that the WWE machine will get behind Sin Cara and Hunico as Sin Cara will be a flop.