Billy Graham Responds To Kofi Kingston – Booker T Criticism

During an interview with Hannibal TV, Billy Graham responded to criticism he got from Kofi Kingston and Booker T regarding his comments about how Kofi should take steroids:

Response to Kofi: “Maybe I’m prejudice because I’m a bodybuilder all my life and I came in a big man era. You don’t get bigger than Ultimate Warrior, Sid Vicious, and Kevin Nash. … I simply mentioned that [he] should use steroids for a few cycles and go off of it to add some muscle mass.”

Response to Booker T: “‘Superstar, we’ve lost too many boys to drugs.’ Yes, we have. We lost Curt Hennig to drugs and I love that kid. … That was one of the folk that had an accidental overdose. First of all, you’re lumping my suggestion with recreational drugs. Then he went [through a bunch of medical issues I have had] and scolding me about suggesting Kofi to use steroids to enhance his look. I thought it was important to have a bigger look. Kofi Kingston looks like he weighs 160 pounds. I just threw it out there and he threw the book at me and went through a whole list of illnesses that I’ve had. You don’t know what I’ve had really and why I had these illnesses since you’ve not seen the records from the Mayo Clinic hospital. They won’t release the records to you, Booker T. But I love Booker T. He’s a legit dude. A real champion and he was big. At one point he was huge. I’m not saying he took steroids, he probably did and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I did not tell Kingston to abuse steroids like I did and cause tremendous hip damage.

I don’t want an apology [from] Booker, but don’t talk about my health issues when you don’t have access to my health records. I don’t know what you’ve been through and I wouldn’t talk about it anyway. You made a mistake, Booker. You talked like you hated me. Booker T, I’m talking to you, brother, you talked on that podcast like you hated my guts … You buried me, brother, but I do not hold a grudge.”