Blowin’ Smoke w/Kemper Jones – Raw 10/25/10 Afterthoughts

Blowin’ Smoke with Kemper Jones

Wanted to start off by saying that I got my copy of Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 delivered this afternoon. I haven’t played much more than a bit of the Jericho Road to Wrestlemania, but I’m really looking forward to more play time. I hope some of you jumped on one of the deals I posted for the game. A lot of retailers were offering pretty good incentives.

I hope to actually finish a storyline this year that I can post and share. I got through 2/3 of one on last year’s game and never finished. If I get it done, I’ll post how you guys can find it.

I’d also be interested in playing through any scenarios any of my readers have created. Just keep in mind that I have it for PlayStation 3. Let me know how to find your uploads and I’ll be happy to share my thoughts on the ones I really enjoy in a later column.

Raw 10/25/10 Afterthoughts

They begin the show with Nexus and Cena in the ring. Barrett teases an explanation for their actions against Taker, but we’re left without answers. When thing like this happen, I can’t help but wonder if they’re just keeping it a secret or if the creative team just hasn’t decided how they’re going to explain yet.

The GM sets up a Barrett/Orton rematch for Survivor Series. He also gives both a chance at choosing the guest referee. Cena is the chosen member of Nexus to go against Orton for the right to decide.

After Otunga and Cena bickered about their pairing, Barrett made them defend the tag straps against Slater and Gabriel. He then told Otunga to lay down and let himself be pinned. After some pleading, he went along with it and we have new tag champs.

Another wasted opportunity. Cena should have been ordered “take one for the team”. WWE is missing out on so much by playing the Cena/Nexus story safely. Barrett could be getting even more heat if he exercised even more control over Cena.

I am glad that the belts were taken off Cena and Otunga. It would’ve only led two weeks of matches where Cena refuses to tag Otunga in or vice versa. I’m starting to wonder how much longer Otunga will be part of Nexus.

It was a really nice surprise to get an encore performance by Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. CM Punk joined the announce table (in his D.A.R.E. shirt) and spoke of “scouting talent” in reference to Bryan. My only guess is that he will offer Bryan the first spot in a newly reformed Straight-Edge Society.

I expect Bryan to turn him down and receive an ass-kicking for his refusal, leading to a feud between the two. If this happens, I will be one hell of a happy writer. I’ve been wanting to see these two in a program together and it appears we’re going to see it soon rather than later. Please WWE, don’t mess this up.

While the Ziggler/Bryan match was not as good as their stellar performance the previous night, it was a great match for a Raw. They obviously weren’t going to be given as much time, but they still pulled off a fresh rematch that I’d put up there with the best TV matches this year.

I wasn’t a big fan of Vickie’s interjection at the end, until it was played off that the ref didn’t see it. Bryan decisively won the match despite her attempt and for that I couldn’t be more content. Bryan continues to look great week after week and the live crowds are really starting to appreciate what he does.

Toby Keith did a backstage segment with the Bellas (somehow still earning a paycheck), Santino, and Sheamus that led to a match between Raw’s resident ass-kicker and Raw’s resident jackass later.

Cena and Barrett were shown backstage. Cena was about to walk out of WWE, but Barrett told him he has an offer he can’t refuse. I could already see where this is going.

Lay-Cool squashed Melina and Gail Kim. Well, Melina at least. Kim didn’t even get in the ring. I was caught off guard by the early finish, especially the burial of Melina. I’m not complaining though, I really don’t like her.

Miz blamed Mysterio for the Bragging Rights loss and challenged him to a match next week on Raw. Surely, he’ll accept and I can be hopeful that he’ll put Miz over.

I’ve mentioned my disapproval with the way Miz has been booked the last few months. He needs a big win and Mysterio could be the one to give it to him.

After going on about how much better he is than the entire locker room, Eve Torres (yes, Eve) came out and called him some not so nice names.

R-Truth entered and the GM made an official Match. Miz got the pin after ducking a scissor kick. Wow, a win, but not the BIG one he needs.

During the Miz/Truth match, Michael Cole alluded to Bobby Heenan by calling himself a “broadcast journalist”. I’ll admit, I’m an avid Cole hater, but he is good in his new persona. Annoying? Always, but he’s coming off exactly the way he’s supposed to.

Toby Keith completed his guest star stint by being the ring announcer for the Sheamus/Santino match and going off on a hillbilly tangent. I really have no idea what he was saying.

After taking a pounding by Sheamus, Marella couldn’t stand up long enough for The Celtic Warrior to hit his signature kick. John Morrison came out to stand up for Santino. Sheamus set Santino up in the corner and JoMo pulled Santino out of the way when he attempted the kick again. Santino rolled him up for the pin.

This is most likely the start of a Sheamus/JoMo feud. This should keep Sheamus busy till HHH returns. Their falls count anywhere match a month or so ago was decent, so a feud sits well with me.

The “Stand Up for WWE” promo this week featured superstars talking about why they love their jobs. I liked this one better than the one they showed last week.

Otunga asked the other Nexus members to leave so he could talk to Barrett alone. Funny, they always do things where two guys say they want to talk alone, but they have no problem with the camera guy staying to broadcast whatever they say.

Otunga threatened to reveal why they attacked Taker. Barrett then announced that Husky Harris and McGillicutty have been officially inducted into Nexus. Otunga was given a choice whether he really wanted to be against Nexus. He backed out and reaffirmed his allegiance.

The Cena/Orton main event was more of the same crap from these two. They have squared off so many times over the past 3 years or so that I have no interest in their matches at all. They’re not going to do anything new.
The match ended when Barrett clotheslined Cena outside the ring. Orton is disqualified and Barrett chooses Cena as the ref for the PPV. If Barrett wins, Cena is free of his obligations to Nexus.

This was the direction I figured this was heading earlier in the show. Very predictable, but hopefully this means Barrett will walk out of Survivor Series the new WWE Champion.

In Closing

More than anything, the show only left me excited about a possible Bryan/Punk feud. The rest of it was lackluster and didn’t carry much weight. If Cena is going to be free of Nexus in less than a month, its time for WWE to up the animosity between him and the rest of the group. Stop playing it so safe.

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