Bobby Lashley Addresses His Storyline With Omos, Calls Him “a Freak of Nature”

Bobby Lashley discussed his current storyline with Omos in an interview with the So Catch podcast. Lashley said:

“One thing about me, when I first started in the wrestling business, I was fortunate enough to go against Booker (T), (The Big) Show, (William) Regal, Finlay, all these guys and they kind of took me under their wing and walked me through matches. Coming back now, that was the first thing I started with the Hurt Business. The Hurt Business was like that whole style that I first came in with. We were trying to show a different style of wrestling where we would just be mean to people and beat people up. That’s what we were doing. Now, I find myself in the bowl as some of those guys did, back in the day, with some of these newer guys coming up and having the opportunity to get in the ring with them. Somebody like Omos, the guy is a freak of nature. He’s the only person that I’ve ever been in the ring with that actually made me feel tiny. I enjoy it. I love fighting. Combat sports is my life, so getting a challenge like him, it was great. I had to find a way to pick him apart, break him down, and take him out. Now, the feud s a little mushy because MVP is in there. We’re going to see. There are a lot of good things to come.”

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