Bobby Lashley Talks About Beating Up Brock Lesnar, and Why He Wants a Rematch

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Brock Lesnar defeated Bobby Lashley at the recent WWE Crown Jewel event, but Lashley destroyed Lesnar after the match. This was their second singles match since Lashley won the WWE Championship from Lesnar at the Royal Rumble in January.

Lesnar vs. Lashley III has been rumored for quite some time for the WrestleMania 39 Season, and Lashley is determined to make it happen. He recently spoke with NBC10 Boston about the upcoming rubber match.

“Winning a match wasn’t important to me in Saudi Arabia, it was beating him up,” Lashley said. “He won the 1-2-3, but he knows who Bobby is now and he felt the wrath. Nobody has seen Brock like that before, nobody has seen Brock groveling down on his back like looking up, passing out. Nobody has seen Brock like that, I made him like that. So I think it fit for what was needed and with that being said, there’s one more match that we need to have. He has one and I have one.”

There’s no word on when Lesnar vs. Lashley III will take place, but it’s rumored to take place at the Royal Rumble, unless they go the extra mile and save it for WrestleMania 39.