Bobby Lashley Taunts Matt Riddle Over Possible Fight Pit Championship Match

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley has responded to Riddle’s request to Triple H for their upcoming title match to take place inside the WWE NXT Fight Pit structure.

For those who missed it, Riddle tweeted earlier, “Hey @tripleh, who do I have to call so I can beat up @fightbobby in the #FightPit for the #USTitle?”

Lashley responded this afternoon and taunted Riddle with a photo of Timothy Thatcher choking him out in the first-ever Fight Pit bout last year, which Thatcher won.

“Why? You need another nap or something? #WWERaw,” Lashley wrote.

There’s still no word on when Riddle will get his title shot from Lashley, which he earned by winning a Gauntlet Match over The Hurt Business on this week’s RAW. Triple H still has not responded to Riddle’s request as of this writing.