Bobby Roode Talks About What Made Him Passionate About The Wrestling Business Again

In an interview with, Bobby Roode talked about what made him passionate about the wrestling business again:

“NXT brought my passion back. I got the chance to work with all the coaches down at the Performance Center and I was able to pick Triple H’s brain too. Also, working with Shawn Michaels was amazing. He’s been very supportive of me and extremely helpful. This past year was really gratifying on many different levels. To come here with the experiences I’ve had and to have the year I’ve had and be looked upon in the locker room as a leader with people coming to me for advice, it’s still surreal to me. There are so many great minds within this company and I’m learning every day. I truly believe that in this business, you can never learn enough, I’ve been in this business for two decades, but the fun is just about to begin.”