Booker T Addresses Rumored Match For The WWE Royal Rumble

During his recent podcast, Booker T addressed the rumor of Harlem Heat facing The Revival at the Royal Rumble:

“Hey man, the Royal Rumble is gonna be right here in Houston, Texas on the 26th right there in Minute Maid Park and we got people calling me out. I still got something left in the tank. I just checked it a couple of weeks ago and we got about a quarter tank left, and I think I’m ready to use it, because I think I can get about… on a quarter tank, I can get about 200 miles. You understand what I’m saying? So I think I can do the Rumble as well as take that challenge as far as The Revival calling me and my brother out. One of The Revival, I think it was Scott Dawson, he went out and did a Spinaroonie just this [past] weekend actually against The [Viking] Raiders. I think they lost that match too so, if they lost that match, what do they think is gonna happen against Har… and it [Dawson’s Spinaroonie] sucked. It sucked first and foremost.”

“I have not gotten my invitation yet, and the thing is, if they don’t tell me in the next week, I ain’t doing it. They’re on the clock. So I’m putting this out there right now. If they don’t let me know within the next seven days, don’t call, because I’m gonna stop training after that. I’ll stop putting in real hard work. Don’t call me at the last minute and I’m not ready. Don’t call me at the last minute because I need time to… my mind gotta be right going into this thing. I gotta be focused. I don’t wanna put in all that work for nothing.”