Booker T Addresses The Jordan Myles T-Shirt Controversy

During his recent podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed the controversial Jordan Myles “blackface” t-shirt story:

“I don’t know how this t-shirt got out without him knowing about it. It’s not our job to step up and defend Jordan Myles over his t-shirt.”

“Is it a racially driven concept of a t-shirt? In 2019, I cannot think that the guys actually went into it thinking ‘let’s make a racial shirt about Jordan Myles.’ A lot of people may think that but I just don’t think the firestorm is worth going through this. It’s just not.”

“This going to social media crap is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. You can be working at Jack in the Box and if something happens, you want to go to social media and talk about it. Your business and your job is your business with that company. It’s not for the world to come in. I don’t know when is the last time somebody on social media signed my check.”

“I never complained to social media about any racial situation that I’ve been in and I’ll tell you right now if anybody knows me, anybody in this wrestling knows Booker T, they know exactly what I have gone through and how I’ve handled every situation. There’s never been a racial issue that has gone over my head or that I’ve swept under the rug. Every single time someone has said anything racial around me, I’ve handled it. And to hear this Uncle Tom crap … I’ve known Jay Lethal. Jay Lethal’s put in almost 20 years in this business, he’s no Uncle Tom. I’ve heard people call me an Uncle Tom and if they do it, I wish they would do it to my face. Don’t do it behind those characters, don’t do it behind social media, don’t do it behind a cloak of anonymity. Do it in my face because I will show you what an Uncle Tom really looks like.”

“Social media and your business, they don’t go together. That’s just my opinion on that and leave my name out of this crap … I’m standing way back on this one because this could have been handled a whole lot different than it’s being handled. This is not a Colin Kaepernick moment. Let’s just get that straight, first and foremost. If anybody got something to say, I’m a very easy man to find. I’m at the Intercontinental Hotel in Los Angeles, California kicking back and relaxing.”