Booker T Comments On Matt Riddle – Chris Jericho Feud

During his recent podcast, Booker T addressed the online feud between Matt Riddle and Chris Jericho:

“I don’t know how should I take it,” Booker said when asked about Riddle’s comments. “I know if I was a young guy in the business and someone like Chris Jericho gave me a little bit of advice – be that as it may where the guy is working right now – but if Chris Jericho was to give me some words of advice, he might be one of the guys to listen to just because of the career that he’s had.”

“When the Rock said ‘Know your role and shut your mouth’ you know that’s true: know your role and shut your mouth,” Booker continued. “When guys back in the day didn’t know their role they didn’t last very long in the business.”