Booker T on How Sasha Banks and Naomi Handled Their WWE Departure

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed the manner in which Sasha Banks and Naomi parted ways with WWE on the most recent episode of the “Hall of Fame” podcast:

“I definitely was one that was hoping to see Sasha as well as Naomi come back. I thought both of those guys were leaving the way they did, I was wondering if they were going to come back. I remember you asking, ‘How would I have done it?’, and I said, ‘I would have done it (the job), and then I would have left’, because that’s one thing that the business, and it’s not just myself. I’ve heard other wrestlers, the veteran wrestlers that have been around that have said the same exact thing. They said they would have done the job and then left because it’s like tradition. I think losing that tradition factor in the business, man, that right there is where the rubber met the road as far as the situation went as far as whether we were going to work it out or not because it was a little bit different than the tradition of the way wrestling has always been dealt.”

Booker T was asked for his opinion on whether or not WWE should continue to hold Survivor Series matches in the traditional four-on-four format:

“A four on four match, I think it may be something of the past. Guys picking their teams. You have to understand, I’m not a big team guy. I’m not a big partner’s guy. Of course, I’ve been in a tag team and we did pretty well, but I’m not about having my wrestlers, if I don’t have to, have anything to do with each other, ever, other than a faction.”

You can listen to the podcast below:

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