Booker T On Working With Steve Austin, His ‘Can You Dig It’ Catchphrase

Booker T recently joined the Steve Austin Show (transcript via Wrestling Inc)to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Working With Steve Austin:

“We always enjoyed working together, but one time, it was [Booker] and me in the ring and it was WWE, WWF back in the day.” Steve recalled, “man, we had just started working and, man, you knocked the dog s–t out of me! And I’d always been real patient about sending receipts because, ‘okay, dude was off’ and I like to work snug anyway. But, man, you hit me so damn hard, I said, ‘naw, man!’ I said, ‘I’ve got to send back a receipt now!’”

‘Can You Dig It’ Catchphrase:

“Hey, man, I’m going to tell you, man, those karate movies that I watched when I was a kid, man, I always had that one mindset because of the boss. In all of those karate movies that I watched, the boss, he was badass and every time someone tests the boss, he showed how real he had to be with all those guys. All those Shaft movies, that I watched, Richard Roundtree, he was badass. Do you know what I mean? He didn’t take [any] s–t from [anybody] and I wanted to be like Shaft. That’s where ‘can you dig it, sucka?’ came from, me watching those movies.” Booker added, “and for me, I always knew my role.”