Booker T Reveals He Spoke With A Former WWE Star Who Wants To Return To The Ring

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke on his podcast, “the Hall of Fame,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including if Alicia Fox contacted him about training at his school. Fox recently said that she’s not retired and she has more to do in pro wrestling.

Booker said, “I talked to Alicia Fox yesterday. She wants to come down and knock some of the rust off at Reality of Wrestling and get a little bit of insight and knowledge as far as what this journey may be like that she’s getting ready to partake in. My thing is there is so much more outside of WWE, outside of AEW, and IMPACT Wrestling. This business is plentiful. The thing is, you can be working every week somewhere in this business because that’s how much work is out there, and then to find your way back to that spot, and that spot may not be WWE. It might be IMPACT. It might be AEW. You never know. It might be Japan. You just never know. It’s all about putting the work in more than anything, and when someone like Alicia Fox, she went straight into WWE. She didn’t do any independent shows. It’s almost like Cody Rhodes. Cody didn’t have any independent wrestling experience before he went into the WWE. Then he realized that perhaps something he needed was that worldly experience. Then he went out there and got it and look at him now. It seems like every guy that’s gone out there and done that, they have come back a better person. Alicia, I’m not sure how much longer she plans on being in the business or anything like that, but if she’s going to stick around for a while, why not make the best of it and try to make some good money at the same time. You never know where it’s going to take you. It may take you straight to Hollywood. I’m going to try to get her into Summer of Champions.”

On Tiffany Stratton and Lyra Valkyria:

“I think Tiffany Stratton over these last six months, Tiffany and Lyra have stood out like crazy. For those two to actually have a bite of the apple, I think it’s good. To be able to make other champions is great. It’s par for the course. I think you gotta do that in order to have really, really great rivalries and really, really great competition to have a champion against a former champion. That kind of stuff right there sells for me. In NXT, I think they have to make more champions. Just think about it. Mandy Rose had that title for a year, so there wasn’t exactly a whole lot of wiggle room there as far as trying to bring somebody up. Now since she’s out of the picture, you don’t want to do that same thing with Roxanne Perez and put the title on her for a year and have and have it stagnated around her for a year when you got all this other talent over here that you’re trying to bring up. I say it’s a great thing having those two go for it. Of course, I’m a Tiffany Stratton fan. I look at her and I go, ‘Man, I wish she was one of my students. I wish she came from Reality of Wrestling.’ I’m in Tiffany Stratton’s ear every week telling her, ‘Try this, try that. Do this. Don’t do that ever again’, because I want to see her succeed. I want her to succeed to that next level. For me, same thing with Valkyria. I haven’t had a chance to talk to her as much just because I’m not the type to go looking to talk to people. I don’t try to get in anybody’s business, but if you’re there and you want some knowledge and I’m available, I’m always available. Come talk to me and we’ll get it done.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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