Booker T Says Nobody Misses AEW’s Suspended Talent and ROH is Not Worth Restarting

The most recent episode of Booker T’s podcast is now available, and it features his most recent thoughts on several of the most important stories in wrestling.

Booker T has stated that it is not worthwhile to make an attempt to restart ROH:

“I think it would really be hard for Tony Khan to run AEW Dynamite, Rampage, and a totally different organization in ROH, house shows, as well as TV, as well as having a strong enough roster to be able to create different storylines, as opposed to the storyline that you’re creating on AEW Rampage and Dynamite. It would just blow his freaking mind. His stack would just blow off trying to think about 52 weeks out of the year for three different shows and I don’t know how many guys are under contract. Can you imagine that?”

“For me personally, the brand would be scrapped and the archive would be used for AEW promo packages and whatnot. But as far as trying to create an ROH brand to where you’re competing against Dynamite as well as Rampage, I just think you’re putting a whole lot on your plate there. I don’t think it’s possible to be honest.”

When it came to watching the show, Booker T said that nobody missed the talent that had been suspended from AEW:

“Tell me this. Did you miss anybody? That goes to show you as far as how big of a star you are, and how big of a star you really think you are because I don’t think anybody missed anybody at the end of that night and that’s what these guys need to understand. A lot of people think they’re big stars or whatnot. For me, I always looked at the thing as a job. I’m going to work and I’m gonna get paid for the work that I do, and I’m gonna go home and I’m gonna do it again the next time. When guys can think that way, this thing could be really, really beautiful. But when you got one guy thinking, or if you got 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 guys thinking that it’s about them, we got a problem.”

You can listen to the complete podcast below:

(h/t to Wrestling News for the transcription)