Booker T Talks About Jeff Hardy’s Return To AEW

What did Booker T think of the return of “The Charismatic Enigma” on AEW Dynamite?

The two-time WWE Hall of Fame legend sounded off on Jeff Hardy’s return to the pro wrestling world during the latest installment of his “Hall of Fame” podcast. He also spoke about Jeff’s battles with addiction and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how he didn’t appreciate fans criticizing Jeff for his battle with addiction before calling the tag team legend a good dude: “Jeff Hardy made his return. Big splash, Jeff Hardy being on hiatus for a while, handling his business more so than anything. I’m glad to see Jeff Hardy back. Jeff’s a good dude. I remember everybody wanted to crap on Jeff Hardy when he was going through his rough time there for a second, and I said, man, come on, guys. This is the same guy that has bled, put his body on the line each and every night for those fans. I said don’t do him like that. So for me, I’m just glad to see Jeff Hardy back and doing well.”

On how happy he is to not only see Jeff back, but reunited with his brother Matt: “I’m just glad to see Jeff back, for the Hardys to be reunited together as a tag team. Those guys should always be together. They are brothers to the bone, and their careers have been made on each other’s backs, all that time on the road, all those years, Team Extreme, those ladder matches with the Dudleys and so many more. I’m just glad to see those guys back, reunited and still doing what they do best.”

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