Booker T Thinks John Cena Had The Greatest Career In Pro Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T joined Corey Graves on a recent episode of After The Bell for a new interview.

During the interview, he put over John Cena for his success in WWE. Here is what he had to say:

“Every time Cena and I have crossed paths, he doesn’t say hi,” Booker T revealed. “What’s up Book? That’s our code because I tried my best to teach Cena the art of Shakespeare when we worked, and I made sure that I gave him every ounce of knowledge I had. No one took that knowledge better than John. This guy’s got a limited skill set, but he’s a guy who’s taken that skill set and parlayed it to the greatest career in the history of the business. That’s not a knock or anything like that.

“You can take very very little and make so much of it, which John Cena has done. So many guys just don’t understand that. They just bury it if they don’t understand it because they haven’t been taught it, but John was that sat under the learning tree. He made sure he soaked every ounce of that knowledge up. I wish the young guys out there can kind of look at it [the same way], but a lot of them [have]. They give me a call from time to time.”