Booker T Wrestling Again Soon For ROW

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is returning to the ring soon, but not for WWE.

Booker will be bringing back his G.I. Bro gimmick for the upcoming Reality of Wrestling “Battle Lines Drawn” event on Saturday, February 8 from Booker’s World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas. ROW is the indie promotion that Booker owns.

ROW has announced that Booker will be the Team Captain for the ROW team, leading Bryan Keith, Zack Mason and Warren Johnson into battle against Ryan Davidson and The Renegades in an eight-man tag team match.

The promotional material for the event includes the following quote from Booker’s G.I. Bro character: “The Battle Lines have been drawn and it’s time to go to war.”

Booker took to Twitter to comment on the ring return.

He wrote, “Excited to announce that I’ll be stepping back in the ring at @TheOfficialROW in 2 weeks! Now can you dig that SUCKA!?”

This is Booker’s first match since ROW’s “Last Stand” event in January 2019 when he faced Rex Andrews. Booker previously announced that he was training for a possible WWE ring return at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view in his hometown of Houston, TX. Booker did not work the Rumble Match, but he did serve as guest commentator. There are still rumors of The Revival facing WWE Hall of Famers Harlem Heat, Booker and brother Stevie Ray, but there’s no word on if WWE will make that match happen. The G.I. Bro character is the gimmick Booker used before joining WCW in 1993, and then again later in his WCW run.

Tickets for ROW’s “Battle Lines Drawn” event run at $20 and $21.50. The ringside seats are sold out. You can click here for details on tickets and the show.

Stay tuned for updates on Booker possibly returning to the ring for WWE. Below are related tweets on his ring return for ROW: