Braun Strowman Tweets On Potential WrestleMania Match With Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman had a Twitter exchange today that saw Strowman propose a match between the two champions at WrestleMania 37 next year.

Drew commented on how he changed his Twitter profile photo but was keeping his cover photo, which was of him hitting a Claymore to Strowman from the 10/22/2018 Raw.

Drew wrote: “#NewProfilePic ….the cover photo is for life, sorry @BraunStrowman”

Braun wrote back and proposed the match for WrestleMania next year: “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about it!!!! You know you got one comin!!! But only way I see it fit is title for title on the grandest stage of them all!!!! Whatcha say psychopath???”

Drew then responded with the “eyes” emoji to end the exchange. Here is the full exchange they had on Twitter today-