Bray Wyatt Expected To Make WWE Return

For those of you wondering about Bray Wyatt’s WWE status, it appears that he will be appearing on WWE TV soon.

Since he disappeared from all WWE shows in February, there have been numerous rumors about Bray Wyatt’s WWE status.

At one point, it appeared as if WWE was planning a WrestleMania feud between Wyatt and Bobby Lashley, but all hints in that direction were dropped, and Wyatt (along with Uncle Howdy) hasn’t been seen since.

In recent days, a new rumor has emerged from social claiming that creative “came to terms” with Wyatt about a new storyline and that he has agreed to make it work despite “not being fully satisfied.”

WWE insider BoozerRasslin shot that rumor down. The latest rumor was labeled “complete BS” by the insider, who also stated that “His storyline was scrapped the moment he felt he wasn’t in it for Mania. There is no other story than the one agreed on Post Mania.” The insider also confirmed Wyatt’s return, stating, “He’s coming back but not pampered like you hinted.”

Wyatt was last seen on television at the Royal Rumble, where he defeated LA Knight in the Pitch Black match. He went on to wrestle in a few live events and dark matches before retiring on February 26th.

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