Bray Wyatt Segments Referencing Jon Moxley?

During an episode of Figure Four Daily, former WWE star Lance Storm discussed the Bray Wyatt Firefly Funhouse segments.

“I’ve watched a couple and I’m like ‘Oh my God.’” Storm said, “Correct me if I’m wrong [but] aren’t the writers making fun of Vince McMahon right in front of his nose with these segments? The Firefly Fun House is the WWE. The opening segment is ‘we’re glad you’re a friend, it’s a friendship that will never end’ and Bray keeps doing the ‘let me be the light, I’ll show you the way’ and then all of the skits are all of the inside complaints about the company.”

Storm added, “There was the husky pig that was eating too much and it’s like you’ll never get a push [because] you’re a fat slob. There was the [buzzard] that ate the rabbit and ate up his own to get ahead and was rewarded for it. In the last one that I saw, [Bray] bludgeoned the rabbit with a hammer because he was revealing the secrets on what really happens in the Fire Fun House. It was Dean Ambrose! All of these skits are all of the inside bad stories you hear about WWE. The Firefly Fun House is the WWE! He even has the Hurt and Heal gloves. Back in the day, it was the old joke in WWE that you either get the carrot or the stick. It’s like, he’s got the Hurt and the Heal gloves and it’s depending on which one you get, you either get the carrot or the stick. I don’t know whether Vince realizes it and he’s doing it because he’s thinking it’s inside and no one will get it or whether they think it’s funny but these segments are a burial of WWE.”

Storm added, “The one video I saw, Bray’s hammering a sign on the door and it says ‘abandon all hope, ye who exit here.’ It’s threatening people, if you leave WWE then you can abandon all hope. These skits, if [Vince] realizes what they are, I’m like why would you put them out there? If he doesn’t then are the writers laughing that they are able to get this stuff on television?”