Breaking Down AEW Dynamite (11/24/22)

(Photo Credit: AEW)

The Full Gear fallout on Dynamite this week. It was a good show which hopefully will translate to television getting even better and more coherent in the coming weeks. There was no MJF this week as he will appear next week, and The Elite and Death Triangle continue their best of seven series.

William Regal starts the show

First off, the reaction of the crowd to Regal was great. The man was getting the heat that was coming after helping MJF win the AEW title only a few days ago. He said that MJF would be on Dynamite next week to explain why this happened. Jon Moxley came out with a purpose as he should have, extremely annoyed. When he gets into the ring, he was about to take out Regal himself. Bryan Danielson came out to stop Mox, which he did and manged to contain him. Bryan told a story about his father, and how Regal helped him. Eventually when Bryan left. Mox told Regal to run, which essentially ending the segment.

This segment was very good, and the crowd definitely helped, with Regal getting fantastic heat, and even when Bryan came out to basically stop Mox, he got himself some boos. I do wonder what happens now with the Blackpool Combat Club now that Regal seems to be a heel or might not be as much of an on-screen act going forward. Regardless of that, MJF next week should be fantastic, seemingly back to being the prick like MJF, which is great. Then based on who won the shot at the AEW title for Winter is Coming, we could be in for some very good promos.

Orange Cassidy vs Jake Hager – All Atlantic Championship

This was a solid match, most of the match about the gimmicky stuff for Hager. But obviously Cassidy retaining the title here. It looks like we’ll be getting the open challenge format like the TNT title used to have.

The important part came after the match. Where The Factory tried to interrupt Best Friends. However, the lights went out, and Julia Hart was standing at the top of the ramp, which made way for The House of Black to make their return to a great reaction. They attacked everyone that was out there. This was great and hopefully this time, House of Black will be used in a major way, as it looks like they will target anyone. Awesome return for The House of Black in what is going to be a fresh start for them.

Ethan Page vs Ricky Starks – World Title Eliminator Final

This was actually a great match between two guys who will be part of the future of the company. Ethan Page was great as always but this was Ricky’s time to shine here, he came into the match with a taped up shoulder from his past two matches against Lance Archer and Brian Cage. Ricky Starks picks up the win here. In what was the right decision. Starks had to use his spear a few times as he wasn’t able to get Page up for the Roshambo. Which was an element that was quite good.

But I’m interested in seeing if the build to Starks and MJF starts next week as it probably should. Because while Starks will lose to MJF, it could be a great story to tell about how much Starks has had to go through to get to this point. But regardless, looking forward to the match because it should be great.

The Elite vs Death Triangle – Match #2

Again, just like Full Gear, it’s hard to explain what went down because of how much happened. Part of this match was The Elite playing up to the Chicago crowd, because there were some boos in there, obviously because of the CM Punk drama, but they played into that which made for a very fun match. Death Triangle are now 2-0 up in the series.

The story this time was Penta using the bell hammer to win the match, with Rey Fenix once again disapproving. I think the next match The Elite will win due to the hesitation of Fenix possibly. It’s just a great story to tell, now I think this will probably go all 7 matches, but there will be twists along the way. Next week we will see match 3, before match 4 takes place at Winter is Coming.

Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue vs. Anna Jay & Tay Melo vs. Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker

Solid match here between the Women but the major newsworthy thing to happen came before the match. The news that Jamie Hayter is now officially Women’s Champion instead of the interim nonsense. This is great news if only to get rid of the interim title stuff, which was only holding it back. So this means Thunder Rosa is no longer the champion, and when she comes back, we may not see her in anything title related.

The other thing was the seed planted between Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter as when Hayter went to speak. Britt took the mic and spoke for her. Now I suspect this will be a regular occurence until Hayter has had enough at which point the friction between the two women will start to grow larger. Which I look forward too, because Hayter does not need Britt Baker anymore in the slightest.

Chris Jericho vs Tomohiro Ishii – ROH World Championship

This was actually a pretty hard hitting affair. Which I guess shouldn’t be surprising knowing Ishii. But a major portion of this match was a lot of strikes and strong style. So much so that some of Ishii’s chops literally made Jericho’s chest start bleeding out. It was a hell of a visual. But as it continued on, it started to get very good. Obviously in the end, Jericho wins.

After the match, Claudio took out Jericho at the top of the ramp. So going into Final Battle, it looks like Jericho vs Claudio is the direction this is going. Which is alright in terms of the feud, but the match should be fantastic again.

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