Breaking Down AEW Dynamite (12/7/22)

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Going into Winter is Coming there was largely positive out of this show. A great main event tag team match between FTR and The Acclaimed, while also having Darby Allin challenge Samoa Joe for the TNT title. MJF and Ricky Starks also went toe to toe on the microphone.

Diamond Ring Battle Royal

As far as Battle Royal’s go, it was solid, only three guys got entrances, those being Ricky Starks, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry and Dustin Rhodes. So right off the bat, there were only three possible winners. Orange Cassidy was also in the match but was eliminated early by Kip Sabian. There was a fun elimination spot where Brian Cage kept hitting Dalton Castle off the apron, where The Boys kept catching Castle. Until Cage threw him out of the ring to eliminate him.

Fast forward to the end of the match and its Ricky Starks, Ethan Page and Matt Hardy. Hardy doing the bidding of Ethan Page here. In the end though, Ricky Starks won the battle royal by last eliminating Page. This was basically the right outcome, if he’s facing MJF already, he may as well win the battle royal this week, and compete for both the title and the ring next week. Now he will lose but at least Starks is looking strong going into the match.

Basically as soon as Starks music hit, MJF’s music hit and he walked down to the ring, and this is where we got the promo segment that we needed to get before this match next week. MJF threw some nice insults and jabs Starks way, essentially calling him a dollar store Rock. So he really went at it with the jabs. When it was Ricky’s time to speak boy did he deliver. Starks really held his own against MJF getting all fired up about how he deserves this, and how he busts his ass all the time whereas MJF gets upset because he doesn’t get paid enough. It was a fantastic promo segment and it was really great to see these two in a promo battle. This will definitely be a world title program in the future but it should be great match next week.

Samoa Joe vs Darby Allin – TNT Championship

For the first time in a while we got a worthwhile TNT title match on Dynamite. It was great match between Joe and Darby, and I feel like we say this all the time, but hopefully this match is the catapult to finally bring this title back to relevancy.

The match started off hot, Darby went for his dive through the ropes, Joe did his “walk away” spot and Darby hit hard on the floor and the guard rail, looked brutal. From here there was a lot on the outside. Joe had then exposed the concrete and hit a snap powerslam on Darby, straight onto the concrete. It just continues to sell how insane Darby is and how much he is willing to go through. The ending spot had Darby going for the Coffin drop but Joe caught him in a Coquina Clutch, which was a beautifully done spot, which led to a Joe win. After the match Joe continued to beat down Darby, until Wardlow made the save. However, just before Wardlow came out, Joe did a Muscle Buster to Darby onto the wheel side of his skateboard, once again, looked brutal.

But we are continuing the Wardlow vs Joe feud. Joe is feeling great right now but I think Wardlow will cost Joe his ROH TV title at Final Battle this weekend. Then continue their feud on AEW TV where maybe Wardlow could win the title back but at this point he needs to be built back up. Wardlow has lost so much steam I don’t know if putting the title back on him would do anything. But maybe the feud with Joe will do him good, hopefully it will and it brings both Wardlow and the TNT title back to prominence.

Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta vs Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia

Honestly the most important part of this match was what happened after. The match itself was fine and did its job, Claudio and Wheeler picked up the win but we’ve seen the BCC and JAS for 7 months, so its hard for these tag matches to do much different to what we’ve seen before.

Post match, an interview was shown from a couple of weeks ago but after Full Gear. It contained William Regal explaining his actions, now this was shown because it was meant to be based on if something happened to him, and after last week, that was obvious. But he basically stated that the Blackpool Combat Club should be continued in his absence. So it was clear that this is now a complete write off. Mox followed it up by essentially saying that the BCC vs JAS war will end at Final Battle. Hopefully that is the case.

FTR vs The Acclaimed – AEW Tag Team Championship

We finally get to see FTR in the tag team title match they should have been in for a while. Needless to say this match delivered, The Acclaimed are still getting great reactions and this seems like the start of a fun feud.

FTR was largely in control for most of the match, so when The Acclaimed came back into the match, the crowd got behind them well. Anthony Bowens came in off the hot tag to really get The Acclaimed back into the match. FTR hit a spiked piledriver on Bowens, now once Caster came in, then soon after FTR hit the Big Rig. Which was a believable nearfall, Bowens broke it up just in time. In the end though, The Acclaimed got the win off a roll through from a powerbomb attempt by Cash.

Based off the finish, there will definitely be another match, even though it was clean. Which no one should have a problem with because of how good this match was. After the match all of FTR and The Acclaimed shake hands and show respect to one another. Then with about 1-2 minutes left in the show. The Ass Boys show up on screen, and reveal that The Briscoes are challenging FTR for the ROH Tag Team Championship, in a double dog collar match. Based on the announcement, it has brought more excitement to Final Battle, FTR vs The Briscoes 3 should be fantastic and I think The Briscoes regain the ROH Tag Titles at Final Battle.

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