Breaking Down AEW Dynamite (4/5/2023)

(Photo Credit: AEW)

AEW this week went and put on a good show with some good wrestling action on it. Some championship matches, mostly worth tuning in for and a wonderfully great segment with MJF as he coins the 5th of April MJF day.

Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson

It was supposed to be a match but quickly dissolved into a brawl when Juice attacked Ricky from his entrance. Then we would hear someone’s theme come over the PA system. That theme belongs to one, “Switchblade” Jay White. Got a good reaction and was a hell of a way to start off the show based upon all of the rumors that circulated with him and how Jay White was possibly going to WWE. But all of that died a couple of days ago, and now here he is in AEW, very cool.

I would love to see this end up in a Bullet Club takeover of AEW, as it is an idea that has been tossed around multiple times between both companies. But with AEW it does seem a little bit more interesting as there is a little bit more flexibility when it comes to talent. So with this it seems Jay White is signed to AEW. If it is going to start out with Ricky Starks, then that’s great, it gets him in something big where he can really grow and develop even further.

House of Black vs Orange Cassidy & Best Friends – AEW Trios Championship

A trios match for the titles, and once again a very good match, this time with the Best Friends being on the losing end. There were a couple of brutal looking apron spots delivered to Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta. But ultimately they fell to the House of Black.

I see that is more or less getting the House of Black some wins in preparation for their next feud so its not too bad. But they did show La Faccion Ingobernables watching on at ringside so they could be next in line to challenge the House for the trios titles. As much as that would be great, I think the match needs to get some build and then go into it when there is something to be invested in.

Jamie Hayter vs. Riho – AEW Women’s Championship

The last time these two had a match was great, and this time was no different. Jamie starting the match off trying to hit her big moves early and Riho smart enough to see what was coming. It all made for a pretty good match. Jamie Hayter retains the title unsurprisingly but it was nice to see this match being placed in the first hour of Dynamite and get decent time.

This will continue the story between the originals and outcasts but we didn’t really get much this week outside of a backstage promo from The Outcasts. Which again, we need some progression to this story, maybe some additions, explain what this alliance is between Riho and Jamie Hayter. There are so many unanswered questions still.


What an amazing segment. With Dynamite being in Long Island, MJF’s hometown, its the only place he gets his cheers and he acts like a babyface, it is brilliant and is hilarious. He had a full band on stage to perform a musical number, a wonderful performance. Then in the ring he was presented with the key to Long Island. He talked about one of his school teachers who treated him terribly. Probably the best part, was when he walked back up to the stage, Jungle Boy was dressed up to look as part of the band and started attacking MJF, and the crowd was the complete opposite to how they usually are, cheering MJF and booing Jungle Boy. Absolutely fantastic, love every time MJF comes to Long Island on AEW TV, where everything is just reversed for one night.

Sammy Guevara came out as the brawl was broken up by security, and the title was laying between them, Sammy picked it up and showed it off, pushed it onto MJF. Absolutely brilliant segway into Sammy Guevara vs Komander. I really liked how it flowed into one another.

But then the match between Sammy and Komander starts, and like I said last time, Komander is unbelievable, the guy proved it again. Running across the top rope to the outside. Just incredible. But this didn’t stop Sammy getting the win as you’d expect, because he needs momentum for his part of the stake he’s claiming for the AEW title.

Darby was also seen watching down from the rafters. So with all of these guys jockeying for position to get a shot at MJF, surely we must get a 4 way between these guys. This has got to happen, how it gets to happen, whatever, but at Double or Nothing it should most certainly happen.

Ethan Page vs. Hook – FTW Championship

Very standard match here from Hook, but got help from the source of Matt Hardy who finally turned on Ethan Page after weeks of teasing it. It happened, there really isn’t much here to dissect. Matt Hardy and Isiah Cassidy will probably face off against Ethan Page or someone else for their contracts or something like that. it’s really not that important and the fact that it has been shown in this fashion proves that. But if they can make it interesting, that would be alright.

The BCC shows up

The Blackpool Combat Club is properly back, and now more brutal than ever. They demolished some jobbers and the Bryan proceeded to get on the mic. Called everyone amateurs, and that they were the only pro wrestlers in the building. Now as they went on a bit, Hangman interrupted and went straight for a fight but the numbers were too strong. Then Bryan pulls out a screwdriver, and wrecks his face with that screwdriver. This put him down as the segment came to an end.

I am liking where this is going, Hangman going it alone while The Bucks are out with injuries, and Omega has some issues of his own to deal with. Eventually they will come back and we will get a big 4 on 4 match between these two groups, for now it could be fun to have Hangman try and run through the BCC, minus Jon Moxley of course, seeing as they just got out of a feud. Then Omega can back him up, I think that is where this is headed.

FTR vs. The Gunns – AEW Tag Team Championship

Billed as a title vs career matchup, a big match for FTR where they needed to win. While The Gunns could have used a big win I think it is long overdue for FTR to win the titles. The story of the match was The Gunns trying to get themselves disqualified so they would keep the titles and FTR would be gone. But the referee wasn’t having any of it, even after a low blow directly in front of him. But FTR didn’t win decisively here, it was basically via roll up, therefore protecting The Gunns somewhat and giving FTR the win to keep them around on TV. I think after the events of earlier this week, the match outcome did become a little more predictable, but the match was still enjoyable.

With FTR winning the titles, I see this either being a short or a long reign. The Gunns could win them back come Double or Nothing, should they challenge for them then, or we could get the rematch sooner than that in which case I think FTR retains. I think they may circle back to The Acclaimed though, because it was teased late last year, a feud between the two teams, and once The Acclaimed get done with the JAS, we could get an Acclaimed vs FTR feud, which sounds great.

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