Breaking Down AEW Full Gear 2022

(Photo Credit: @JJWilliamsWON)

Full Gear 2022 is done and what a great show it was. After a few title changes and some fantastic matches this was definitely the best AEW only PPV since Revolution. With this show over with, hopefully AEW television can improve from what its been in recent weeks.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs Luchasaurus – Steel Cage Match

What an excellent open to this show. It was a great match and told a great story. The emphasis on Jack Perry is really good to see. Shows that he’s becoming a bigger name on the roster and is a bit more real. With Christian out I figured Luchasaurus would maybe win again here, which did not happen.

Early on in the match, Perry ended up bleeding after getting pushed into the cage three times over. During a time when Luchasaurus was bothering the referee after a Jack Perry kick-out. The referee with the key to the cage on the outside was distracted, Christian took advantage of this and grabbed the keys, the referee didn’t notice until he started walking towards the door. He managed to get it unlocked, though was taken away by security, Luchasaurus got out of the cage only to be followed by Perry. While outside the ring Luchasaurus brought a table and chairs into the ring.

Late on in the match, both sat up in the ring, then Perry continually getting up after luchasaurus tries to keep him down. Really selling that he will not give up. Ending the match, Jack Perry hit a diving elbow from the top of the cage onto Luchasaurus through the table. Followed by the snare trap, which Luchasaurus tapped out giving Perry the win.

It’s an interesting decision to make having Luchasaurus lose. Just because he was booked like a legit monster and now has lost. So I think there has been a hit to Luchasaurus, and this feud seems to be over for now, especially with Christian being injured for a few more months. For Jungle Boy, he will be moving on to bigger and better things I believe. Good stuff for him and fantastic work from both men.

The Elite vs Death Triangle – Trios Championship

For the first time since All Out, The Elite are back on AEW TV. Their entrance was great, entering to Carry on Wayward Son, which fit very well. But this was an unbelievable match, both teams killed it. A match with seemingly endless action, though within all the incredible action there was a story running through the latter part of the match.

The ring bell hammer, that PAC has used in recent weeks, came into effect once again. The first time, he gave it to Rey Fenix, Fenix refused to use it, which was a convincing false finish to the match. Fast forward to the real finish, and PAC once again gives Fenix the hammer following Fenix getting hit by a V trigger. As Fenix is brought up for the one winged angel, he hit Omega with the hammer and pinned him to retain the titles for Death Triangle.

Later in the show, it was announced that Death Triangle and The Elite would have a best of seven series for the Trios titles. Now this is most likely going to go all seven matches, which is counting this one. I think The Elite will end up recapturing the trios titles, but it will be by the end of this series. Which also, judging by this match, should be an incredible time of things.

Jade Cargill vs Nyla Rose – TBS Championship

An alright match for the TBS title here. Cargill retains the title as expected. Though there were a couple of nice Jaded reversal spots in this match. But the thing is the TBS title just has no interest right now, it is very cold at the moment. Based upon what happened with the Women’s title later in the show makes me think there isn’t any plan for the title. But this definitely could have been saved for a Dynamite.

Chris Jericho vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Bryan Danielson vs Sammy Guevara – ROH Championship

If there was any ROH part of TV that is any good at the moment, it would be Jericho’s run as ROH Champion. Jericho and his matches have been brilliant, and this one was no different, between four guys who are just amazing in their own right. They put on a stellar 4-way match here, with some incredible false finishes.

Things started to get interesting when Jericho hit a lionsault onto Bryan which also had him land on Sammy too. This led Sammy to pull Jericho off Claudio while pinning him after a codebreaker. Jericho ended up getting Sammy in the walls, broke it to grab bryan coming off the top and then when Claudio entered, Jericho received a vertical suplex, this lead into a sharpshooter from Claudio. Jericho though crawled over to Bryan to cover him, Bryan then gets him in a lebell lock. Jericho was in two submissions before Sammy intervened. They seemingly reconciled, until Guevara hit Jericho with a GTH, then a shooting star press off the top to get an incredible nearfall.
Another unbelievable nearfall followed when Bryan hit Claudio with his running knee after Claudio threw Jericho out of the ring onto Guevara. Jericho took the win after hitting Judas effect on Claudio.

In parts of the match, they had you believing that any man could win the match, all four men put on a great performance. Sammy showed his worth once again in the ring, he was absolutely incredible. Jericho continues his run as ROH champion. Whether Daniel Garcia will get involved at any point remains to be seen, even if it would be very cold at this point. Going into Final Battle, Jericho is going to need an opponent, and one who will be able to be built up, but even then its under a month away, I don’t know if hat is enough time to build someone up. Maybe, but it needs to be someone who is known. I think Daniel Garcia is the only real choice.

Saraya vs Britt Baker

While putting this match on after the incredible 4 way may not have been the best placement, Baker and Saraya went out and put on a great match for Saraya’s return match after 5 years away from in ring competition.

In the match the focus was obviously the neck of Saraya, with Britt performing what she could to target the neck. Taking it to the outside, neckbreakers and all that. Something that was a really nice touch was that Saraya’s brother was there in the front row. So it just added a nice dynamic to the match with her family watching on. This played mentally into the match as Britt would beat her in front of him. In the end, Saraya won the match as you’d expect, with a couple of Rampage DDT’s.

You could really tell how much it meant to her once the match was over, and even before the match started. But she got some time to shine after the match to enjoy the moment. It’s exciting to see and I can’t wait to see wht comes next for Saraya.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Samoa Joe vs Wardlow – TNT Championship

In a match that didn’t get much build, Wardlow, Hobbs and Joe put on a very fun 3-way match. They proved they deserved the spot on the show which was good to see. But Joe I hope gets more TV time, and based on the result, it looks like he will be getting more.

Wardlow is incredible everytime he gets into the ring it seems, he did an amazing Whisper in the Wind landing on both Joe and Hobbs. Hobbs was really on display here though, taking out Joe and Wardlow at ringside into the guard rail. Wardlow hit his powerbomb symphony on Hobbs. Only for Joe to hit Wardlow with the title from behind, then Joe choked out Hobbs and won the TNT championship.

I think this was one of two shock results on the show. But I am glad to see Joe get an AEW title, and hopefully this turns into him getting the TV time he should be getting. I thought Hobbs would walk away winning this but he was the one to “lose”. But he didn’t tap out or get pinned so still made him look somewhat decent.

But looking back on Wardlow’s reign, it wouldn’t be an issue to say it was a failure. He didn’t get the TV time he needed and the title still feels somewhat worthless. I guess the question is now, where does Wardlow go from here? I think he continues to go after Joe. Hobbs? Now that he failed to go after the TNT title, I really don’t know.

Darby Allin & Sting vs Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett

This was a lot better than maybe it was expected to be. Though the No DQ stipulation for the match helped. As Sting and Darby were able to do some pretty mad things. Especially in the first half of the match.

To start, Darby attacked Lethal out of the smoke on the stage, as Sting showed up behind Jarrett in the ring. All four men then broke away across the arena through the crowd.
Darby set up and climbed a ladder, to attempt a Coffin drop off the ladder onto Jarrett, Satnam caught him, brought him up the ramp and dropped him.
Not long after Sting took out Satnam and Lethal by jumping off the levels in the arena.
The match eventually got into a normal tag match form with Darby and Lethal
Darby and Sting won after Jay Lethal attempted a Lethal injection, sting caught him into a scorpion death drop, followed up by a Coffin drop by Darby to pin Lethal.

It was a very cool ending and Darby gets a win back. Hopefully we can move on from this though, because Darby should be in something more important, and Jay Lethal is far too good for any of this. Jay Lethal could easily be apart of the mid card title scene for the TNT title, or an All Atlantic title. Put Darby in the title picture as well, all of a sudden the titles are starting to look a little better.

Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm – AEW Women’s Championship

In a match which promised some interesting dynamics, we certainly got a very interesting decision and how it came about. Not to mention, these ladies went out and had a fantastic match. Maybe even one of the best Women’s matches all year.

Jamie Hayter is on such a hot streak having her lose would’ve been problematic. She came out alone and delivered the majority of the match that way. It was a hard hitting affair which is always good to see. Rebel and Britt Baker got involved in the match, but not in the way some of us were expecting. They came down to help Hayter win the title, and after a couple of Storm Zero’s, and Ripcord Clotheslines. That is exactly what happened, Jamie Hayter pinned Toni Storm to become the new champion.

I thought it was more of a shocker of a result, mainly because it was more of a waiting game for Thunder Rosa to come back and do the match, and then proceed with the title. But now it looks like we will get Jamie Hayter vs Britt Baker, but it will be born out of the jealousy that Britt has for Jamie because she was able to win the Women’s title.

The Acclaimed vs Swerve in our Glory – AEW Tag Team Championships

In what was the third match of this trilogy. The Acclaimed and Swerve in our Glory put on a very good match with a compelling story during the match. The breakup of Swerve and Keith Lee has been on the cards for a while now and we finally got a pivotal moment for the end of this team. While the other part of the story was Bowens and his injury going into the match.

From the outset of the match, Bowens right shoulder was made the main point.
Swerve taking out Caster, brings a guard rail to ringside and lays it against the apron, the other story of the match being that Keith Lee isn’t approving of the way Swerve is operating. As Bowen’s took control, Keith Lee saved swerve from falling onto the rail set up earlier, but Caster with a crossbody sent himself and Lee through it anyway.

To set up the final part of the match, Swerve grabs a set of pliers, tries to crush Casters fingers in the same way he did Billy Gunn, Swerve hands them over to Keith Lee, Lee refuses and leaves his partner after Swerve slaps him. The implosion costs swerve as The Acclaimed get the win in the trilogy of matches.

This break up will probably lead to a feud between the two after Dynamite. As it could be confirmed that this tag team will be no more once this week is done. Very much looking forward to what they could do one on one. The Acclaimed however, will move on hopefully to FTR going into Revolution. Which is a few months away, but its better to start planning for it because it will happen at some point.

Jon Moxley vs MJF – AEW World Championship

Fantastic main event. Going into this match, the allegiance of MJF was the big question. Along with how would MJF win the world title. As it turns out, it was only a few weeks ago which revealed what would happen. Moxley got booed far more than usual, and MJF got a big reaction from the crowd. It’s like the roles were reversed for one night and no other decision could have been made.

Mox immediately started out with a right hand, MJF coming back with a classic MjF strut.
Mox grabbed the title and showed it off in a heelish manner, MJF then spit what looked to be water in the face of Mox.

MJF pulls the table from the timekeepers area and brings it to ringside, only a couple of minutes later Mox delivers a piledriver through the table to MJF, this allows Mox to get back into the ring, leaves MJF in hopes for a count out, which MJF managed to get in just before 10. Mox hits a paradigm shift followed by applying a figure four.

As the match entered the last phase, MJF pulled the referee into the path of Mox, bringing the ref down, MJF then goes for his diamond ring before Regal comes down to ringside and tells him to put it down, in which MJF obliges. Soon after the second ref gets knocked down, Mox puts the bulldog choke on, MJF taps but the ref wasn’t there to see it. Regal slips the brass knuckles to MJF, he uses them to beat Jon Moxley to become the new AEW World Champion.

An awesome ending for a awesome match. Regal made his presence felt by handing MJF the brass knuckles. Now the question is, is this a heel turn? Or was this more so based on what Regal said many weeks ago to MJF? Because the thing that needs to be considered if William Regal ends up heel, is what will happen to the Blackpool Combat Club?

It seems answers will come on Dynamite and it’s going to make MJF’s segment must watch, because he could come out and slip into his MJF persona, or he could continue on as he is. Anything is possible here but it is very exciting that MJF is finally World Champion.

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