Breaking Down WWE Extreme Rules 2022

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Extreme Rules 2022 is now in the books with a phenomenal return, some incredible storytelling, and more fantastic action from The Brawling Brutes and Imperium. It wasn’t the show it maybe could have been and hyped up to be. But was still a very good show overall.

Brawling Brutes vs Imperium – Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match

This match was so much fun. It was chaotic. Just like Sheamus continues to say, it was another banger. After Gunther and Sheamus went to war only 24 hours before this, these two teams went to war in a similar way.

Imperium took control of the match early. By taking out Sheamus over the bar at ringside, Ridge Holland being hit with the Imperium bomb on the outside. Butch then being taken on 3 on 1. Sheamus and Gunther end up going at it once again. It was fantastic. By the end, the Brawling Brutes ended up with the advantage. Sheamus took out Gunther putting him through the announce table with the Celtic Cross. Holland and Butch held Giovanni Vinci in place for Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick to win.

It really is amazing to see how over The Brawling Brutes are right now. Imperium have also done their part in this. This feud has brought all of these guys to the next level. Whenever Sheamus shows up he gets a fantastic reaction from crowds. I love it. I would still like to see the Pete Dunne name back. Considering he’s basically been presented as such for the past few weeks, should change the name back and complete the group and Dunne himself.

This could be the end of the feud for now. Because either way this feud will be revisited somewhere soon. Now the third match between Gunther and Sheamus should happen at Wrestlemania 39. Because then you could have Sheamus get his moment by winning his first Intercontinental Championship at the biggest show of the year while giving Gunther his first loss on the main roster. I just think that would be a great way to go by putting Sheamus in the position where he can challenge for the title again.

Regardless, looking forward for what is to come between these groups. It’s definitely possible this continues on into Survivor Series. But if they were to move on, I could see them targeting tag team championships. But it will be very interesting to how this develops.

Liv Morgan vs Ronda Rousey – Smackdown Women’s Championship

This match was rough in parts. The chemistry between the two just isn’t there. It doesn’t help that Liv Morgan is not entirely believable against someone like Ronda. But the experiment has come to an end after Ronda once again became Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Look this was always going to be tough. Especially with the Extreme Rules stipulation. There were a couple of decent spots in this match. Liv doing a senton through the table onto Ronda, similarly to a couple of weeks ago on Smackdown. The ending as well was alright with Liv basically passing out via a Ronda submission. But a lot of this match was rough. The chair shots and baseball bat shots, they were very soft to be honest. They didn’t look legit. It just took away from the match but it is what it is. The ending saw Liv pass out while smiling which was strange. I think this represents a character change.

This was always going to be a tough ask. Especially with what they had to follow. With Ronda back at the top of the division. Personally I would like to see Shayna go after he title now. Then it gives some legitimacy between those two women. Not to mention the history between the two. It just makes sense.

Drew McIntyre vs Karrion Kross – Strap Match

This was one of the matches that had the most heat to it. Probably outside of Riddle vs Rollins. So the match was solid and they also changed the way to win to pinfall or submission. Rather than touching all four corners to win. The truth is this match never really picked up the pace, which meant it never got into that second gear.

Before the match Kross threw the strap away when asked to put it on his wrist. This gave Kross the advantage to attack Drew before the bell. Once the strap was in place and the match begun officially, Kross focused on the shoullder of McIntyre, pushing and pulling him into the ring post. Unlike the match beforehand, these guys were laying in their strikes with the strap in hand. But the ending of the match is where while I see why it was booked that way. It could’ve been slightly different. Scarlett stopped Drew from delivering the Claymore, and sprayed pepper spray in his face. This allowed Kross to hit the Kross hammer to win.

I understand why the finish was the way it was. McIntyre just lost to Reigns a month ago, and having him lose again on PPV is tricky. So having him lose in this manner protects him. But at the same time, Kross probably should have won clean, or at very least without help from outside. So it could’ve gone wither way in terms of the finish. But Kross winning is the correct call obviously.

Does this now open up McIntyre to feud with The Bloodline going into War Games? Because there is some unfinished business there as Solo Sikoa cost McIntyre the championship at Clash at the Castle. Though I would love to see McIntyre go up against Gunther for the Intercontinental title in the near future. Because that would be a fantastic match. Kross is tricky and it’s tough to see where he goes now. Because while he has talked about the WWE Championship. That probably won’t be defended for a while after Crown Jewel.

Bianca Belair vs Bayley – RAW Women’s Championship

This was the first ever one on one women’s ladder match in WWE. Which is a surprising stat before this PPV. But regardless, the women put out a good match though at times it did feel like the ladders were a little too big for them. As at points they were fumbling around a bit with them. That doesn’t necessarily take away from the match, nor is it a knock on either woman. Just an observation.

The was a spot that stood out where Bayley had a ladder placed between the ring steps and the barricade. She laid out Bianca on the ladder. She then hit an elbow drop running from the apron. This looked great and also looked like it hurt a lot. The way Bayley landed was not particularly great. Damage Control appeared during the match. Not surprising, and at that point, I thought Bayley would end up winning this. However, Belair pulled off a KOD on both Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky. Incredible show of strength from her. She even used her braid and whipped Bayley with it. Belair retianed the title here.

Damage Control are really losing steam here. Now I thought Bayley would win this one. So it would help her faction and Bianca wouldn’t be pinned here. But obviously this didn’t happen. Something will need to be done about the lack of interest Damage Control has right now. Something is just not working with them and maybe it needs more time. One thing here though is there needs to be more heat if this is the direction going into War Games.

Edge vs Finn Balor – “I Quit” Match

This was probably the best match on the show. Finn Balor seems to have a new remixed version of his theme now, which sounds alright. This match started out slow, which wasn’t surprising seeing how Edge matches usually go. Which is not a bad thing. I really like it. It really picked up later in the match and included lost of run-ins which led to the incredible ending of the match involving Beth Pheonix.

Coming into the match, just based upon the promo line, “there is nothing you can do to me physically to make me say I quit” from Edge this past week, it was a sign of what he finish would be. The match ended up in the crowd for a bit, going up the stairs and over the preshow panel setup. Though the second half is where the match picked up. Balor was on the verge of quitting until Damian Priest ran in to break up the submission Edge had on Balor. Rey Mysterio enters the fray soon after. Dominik Mysterio then attacks his father for the first time since turning.

Huge shout out to Michael Cole who sold this absolutely perfectly on commentary. He was on fire throughout the match and the whole show. Beth Pheonix comes out when Rhea Ripley stands alone in the ring with Edge handcuffed to the top rope. They fight it out which was great. Beth releases Edge and soon after gets knocked out after Rhea hit her with Brass Knuckles. All while Edge was once again on the verge of winning.

Once again it all comes back to that one line Edge said in his promo. Judgment Day used psychological warfare to make Edge say “I Quit”. After threatening to conchairto Beth Pheonix, while Balor, Priest and Dominik hold Edge who can watch on helplessly, he had no choice to end the match and save his wife. In true heel fashion though, Rhea hits the conchairto anyway, a brutal looking one as well. Edge had perfect expressions here after going over to Beth once Judgement Day left the ring.

While this was the longest match on the card, it was well worth the wait. The storytelling in this match was at such a high, that now Judgement Day look like the biggest heels right now. This will only help Edge, Mysterio and probably Styles after what we seen on RAW to become bigger babyfaces. There is no way this is over, and now we could see this feud end in some sort of a huge blowoff. Maybe Hell in a Cell, because at this point, I’d say it would be worthy but I doubt it. At the end, this will culminate at Survivor Series. Who knows, maybe this ends up as the War Games match. I am very excited to see where the next phase of this feud goes.

Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle – Fight Pit Match

After what happened following this match, it probably won’t be talked about much. Which is easy to see why but Rollins and Riddle did a good job in the fight pit. Going up to the top of the cage onto the platform for a period of time.

One thing I really like about this match is how the cage was used. Because the ropes are taken down for this. The cage was partly used as such which I thought was very creative. Riddle ended up winning this match. The high spot of the match was where Riddle jumps off the top of the cage doing a senton onto Rollins which looked great. The landing for Riddle looked painful though. Then Rollins tried to buckle bomb Riddle into the cage walls but had a triangle Rollins and kept a hold of it, until Rollins tapped.

This should realistically mark the end of their feud. Rollins has a U.S title match on RAW this week which he could end up winning. Matt Riddle will move on to Judgement Day I assume as they have set that feud up in recent weeks.

Bray Wyatt Return

An unbelievable return with an incredible reaction from the live crowd. All of the white rabbit teases leading up to this one moment. A returning Bray Wyatt. Under new creative I am extremely excited for what this man will be able to do. Obviously he won’t have full creative control but hopefully this time, the creative for his character is right.

It appears the funhouse along with The Fiend is dead. Which honestly is good, because after The Fiend was literally buried when he lost to Goldberg in 2020. He was never the same. But I hope it’s a reinvention of his character too. Because the Bray Wyatt character in itself is so fascinating with so many levels, there is a lot to explore. This will be an awesome ride of a character journey with Bray Wyatt.

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