Bret Hart Rants About Eric Bischoff, James Storm Reveals Why He Left WWE NXT

– During an appearance on Sam Roberts’ podcast, Bret Hart had some less than kind things to say about his former boss in WCW Eric Bischoff:

“If you had passion for your matches or genius for wrestling talent, it didn’t mean anything to Eric Bischoff. He was the worst loser maggot that ever got into wrestling.”

Hart continued and commented on when Bischoff would refer to him as a “broken toy” backstage:

“I could strangle him when I hear him say that, because that is so not true. I was so on fire. I wanted to take the world on. He was such an idiot. I would say all that right to him if he were sat next to you.”

– In an interview with, James Storm explained why he didn’t stay with WWE/NXT:

“A lot of people say it was money, but it wasn’t. It was a family thing,” Storm said. “Hunter told me they’d run 100-125 shows over the next two years. My wife wanted to have another kid, but she had to do shots, and I had to be at home a lot more. It was a decision: do I go and live this crazy of wrestling in the WWE or do I stay home and help my wife have another child that she wants? I decided that my family was what is really important to me.”