Bret Hart Talks About His WWE Return In 2010, Vince McMahon Feud, More

Inside The Ropes released a YouTube clip from their stage show with Bret Hart where he talked about his return to WWE in 2010 as well as his issues with the Lloyd’s of London insurance firm because of it.

The two sides agreed to a settlement that gave him $1.25 million of the alleged $16 million WCW contract he had.

“My lawyer had talked to the Lloyd’s of London lawyers sometime that summer and he didn’t really talk about me going back [to WWE] or anything but he told me that they were totally fine with the settlement. I got a full settlement — for my $16 million dollar contract, U.S., that I had with WCW, I got paid $1.25 million was what I got from my insurance policy which is quite a chop in what I should’ve got.”

Hart also talked about how he got sued by the film after a segment where Vince McMahon got physical with him. They couldn’t do anything physical until the lawsuit was settled while leading up to their WrestleMania 26 match.

“Everything went really good and then Vince [McMahon] did that thing after where he kicked me in the — I think he kicked me in the shin. But it looked like he kicked me in the crotch and I fell down to my knees on TV. I don’t know if anyone remembers that great highlight but, anyway, Lloyd’s of London was watching that and they decided to sue me for all the money that they had given me and they opened up their old lawsuit again for — wanted every penny back that they gave me and I remember thinking they hardly gave me what I deserved anyway and they took me to court for a couple years to win what I got and I was so mad that I didn’t cover that better. I should’ve got their permission but turned out that when my lawyer was trying to get all that settled with Lloyd’s of London to get the clearance for me to do what I was gonna do, everybody went on holidays and nobody got — that was over Christmas and I had to sign my contract with WWE. Vince said, ‘You have to be –’ in wherever it was, Ohio. Dayton somewhere? ‘You have to be there on January 1st.’ I think it’s January 3rd or it’s a no-go. The whole thing is scratched. So I flew and then I did do that whole thing with Vince and they kicked me and I fell down on my knees and as soon as I got home the next day, my lawyer told me that Lloyd’s of London was suing me and we were up — you know, it was gonna be a big problem and then I had to go back to WWE and say, you know, ‘I don’t know if I can do this. This sketch or whatever that we’re doing’ and luckily for me, Vince, he worked — I thought they did a really good job of if you watch that story that they did with me every week or two on Raw, that built up from me breaking my leg with the car backing up into my leg. That was all really good stuff considering I can’t do any physical wrestling and can’t really actually get hurt for real and that was my whole thing. The only thing I had going for me was that I’m not actually doing any physical or full-contact wrestling because I can’t.

I couldn’t let Vince body slam me or hit me with a chair or punch me in the head or do anything. Any kind of blow to my head would be serious for me because my concussion injury was legitimate and like honest and so we had to come up with ways to tell this whole story without actually physically hitting each other and mostly me doing offensive things. Like you might remember me pulling Vince’s jacket over his head and punching him out in the ring and all that. It was me doing stuff to Vince every week and I don’t know how many of those WWE wrestlers that I — when you’re off for a long time, you forget how to work safely. I punched a lot of guys in the head. That poor Heath. Heath Slater. I’m so sorry for all the potatoes I gave that poor guy and he never complained about it once but I potato’d the heck out of him.”